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I wasn't blogging because...

    Google Chrome wouldn't let me open blogger for the past few days :( Huhu. A lot of things have happened since and I can't wait to share them.

    First thing's first, I had a haircut. Yep, up to my chest. It's kinda weird how everyone reacted to my shorter hair. Lol. I used to have it down to my bum and no one knows how hard it was for me! I had 2 people doing my hair because it was extremely long and thick! Imagine. lol. But yeah, I'm trying to love my hair now although seeing all these braided long hair-ed girls on Tumblr makes me miss my über long hair.
    Yep. Here, right after the haircut! I'd like to thank Miss Jackie & Romeo of Bench Fix for doing my hair :) But of course it looks kind of unruly now so I have to take myself to Basement (My regular salon) for maintenance.

    I actually found that purple phone around the house as I was looking for something in my mom's cabinet. I asked my mom if I could use it because it's purple, so yep, that's my temporary phone while my old phone serves as my Sun phone :p


    Okay so a few days ago I had my manicure done over at Kevin's Kut at TriNoma. I was supposed to have it at Nail Spa in the block but I was kinda short in budget then because my mom would usually pay for my nails when I have it over at Nail Spa. So I tried Kevin's.

    Not bad at all! 120php for a manicure & regular (local) polish is alright but then they didn't have nice colors in their box of local polish so I asked for the premium polish. They have brands like Orly and China Glaze. After minutes of inspecting the bottles, I have decided on having China Glaze's Tree Hugger from their Ecollection in 2008!

    Photo credit here!

    I was surprised to find something from the 2008 collection here but none the less, I love this color so much so it wasn't really an issue. But they should really get more colors for both local and premium polishes (That's the reason why I love going to Nail Spa, they have new and old collections for local and premium polishes but then, you have to pay the price). Ooop! Before I forget, you have to add 50php for their premium polish. Not bad! And the staff who did my nails did it carefully and the process didn't hurt at all.

    The staff, massaging my tired hands. :D

    Hurrayyyy!! \:D/

    Yep yep, I tipped her 50php because she did everything carefully and they provided me satisfactory service! 120php for the manicure + 50php for the premium polish + 50php for the tip. 220php for a manicure isn't bad at all!

    One random afternoon, my dad texted me asking for my shoe size. I got weirded out but replied, none the less. That same day, he walked in the house with 2 boxes of shoes and I got excited. He handed both boxes to me and opened them will entire excitement. I opened one box, TADAH BLACK PUMPS! Then the other, BLACK LOAFER HEELS! I didn't want to be selfish though, so I chose one then gave the other box to my mom. Since I have black pumps already, I chose the cute loafer heels. ♥ ♥ Another surprise came, and it's a red wallet! lol My dad was in a pretty good mood for shopping, eh?

    Thanks papi! ♥ ♥

    Ahhh I'm bored out of my wits so I decided to try if I could still curl my shorter hair. Lol.

    lol I actually need to satisfy my craving for Moonleaf's Pearl Milk Tea or Happy Lemon's Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese or their Oreo Milk Tea! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Hi Pearl Milk tea ♥ ♥

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