Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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These are a few of my favorite things.

    As I was checking out my tagboard earlier, I dropped by Rhea's site (check her out, her posts are awesome !) & saw a list of her guilty pleasures. I was supposed to blog about the party last night but then I checked my aunt's Facebook account & the photos aren't up yet. Hence, I'll blog when they have the photos up already ;)

    For now, I'll blog about the things I like, I'm addicted to & the like.

    1. Original Potato Chips - I dislike any other potato chips other than the original flavored. No kidding. I hate bbq, sour cream & onion (the scent is displeasing), cheese (but this is tolerable) and the rest.

    2. Moo chocolate drink- When I was still in Highschool, I would go to the canteen 30 minutes before flag ceremony to grab a Moo drink everyday.

    3. Nail Polish - I love nail lacquers even if they don't last on my nails. Heh. I just love the fact that they're sitting in my dresser & I love to see happy random colors. Hahaha !

    4. Hello Kitty - I'm currently home alone & I'm sipping chocolate in my Hello Kitty thermos mug. And I have a bunch more of Hello Kitty items in my room. I'm a little girl trapped in a teenager's body. Hahaha !

    5. Heels - I rarely wear heels because I commute & it's weird to commute in 3-inch heels. But yes, I love heels. I have about 7 pairs. Some would come in the weirdest colors (I have purple !) & the weirdest is my favorite pair. Haha !

    6. Sneakers & Rubber shoes - I dance, hence I need a lot of these. Without exaggerations, I could use a different pair of sneaks for PE for the whole semester without repeating ! I just love my shoes ♥

    7. Shopping - I would include Bags & Clothes in this category. I shop at least thrice a month, twice a week at maximum. I just love malls, bazaars & ukays. My favorite type of clothing would be tank tops. They're very versatile & very basic which means they go with everything !
    I have so many bags ! From backpacks to messenger bags, I have it. From vintage to the new ones. Some are hand me downs while most are brand new but I love them all equally.

    8. People watching - When I don't have much money for shopping, I'd grab a cup of coffee or froyo & just stay in one place as I watch people walk around. I try to guess their family background, their life, the problems they carry, their attitude & the like. For me, people are easy to read. I would always perceive that I have the correct guess every time. I think of this as my therapy to calm my system down & to concentrate on something.. It puts my focus back into place.

    9. Watch random videos on YouTube - & criticize them. Especially these music videos. Most of them are pointless. I'd jot my criticisms down on my special notebook because posting my comments here would gain me more haters on Formspring. Especially that most of these videos are from Filipino artists. Hehehe.

    10. Googling up everything fashion - I love fashion. I like to look up street fashion from random parts of the world & compare them. I like to amaze myself with the designer clothes & all that..

    11. Tattoos - Yes ! I've been planing to get one (or maybe two) of these really soon. My parents doesn't really mind so I'll get them anytime soon. Maybe a peace sign on my left wrist & a star on my nape. But for now, I like to come down to my dad's tattoo artist & watch him ink people. So amazing.

    As per my title, it says FEW. Hahaha ! I can't write everything here because it would bore you to death as you read on my random wants & lusts. Hehehehe. And I would sound very superficial & super weird if I write everything down. So, I have thought of doing it by part. The next time I have nothing to say, I would continue the list (remind me I stopped at 11. Hahah !)

    Now, I'm so depressed to find out that Brothers burger doesn't do deliveries. I'm so hungry & my maid is no where to be found as of the moment. I have a couple of Chinese food in the fridge but they're cold food already & I need someone to reheat them for me. :( Hehehehe.

    Anyway, hope you guys have an awesome day ahead. I'll just laze around & watch movies as I wait for my maid. While I'm at it, you guys could leave me messages in the comment box, tagboard, Twitter or in my Formspring since I'm too lazy to tweak my template to append my Ping box. Hahaha !

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