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18 years young, Filipina.
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Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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How window shopping tortures me at some point...

    Hi everyone :D I'm so tired & bothered so I have to post this photo of Ais, Me & Shannen before I start talking about today to de-stress myself. Hahaha ! This photo is weirdly funny. :-j =)) But anyway...

    ... I'm waiting for you. It's been days since we last talked & I feel that we're slowly drifting away from each other. I know, you miss me too. You told me a few days back & it bothers me not to hear anything from you. Considering that I misplaced my phone last night. But things are starting to be awkward lately.. I hope things will stay the same..

    Anyway, enough of that. I had the most difficult Communications test ever earlier & I think I'm going to fail. Hahahaha ! And who told you that studying communication is easy?! It's crazy hard. Hahaha ! But man, I feel so good that everything is over ! YEHEY. =)) After the exams we had to go else where.. Hence, we went to Gateway just to chill.

    In Gateway, I have experienced the worst torture ever.. To see clothes in racks & I can't even buy them. I like to window shop alone & I never had this pain ever. I like to window shop alone and go through every rack... And drag my mom the next few days to get me that thing that I wanted. But this, well.. Is a different story.

    I was with my blockmates Ais, Shannen, Meryll & Carla and it's hard to window shop with a lot of eyes with you. They see every single awesome thing & they would stay there until we die inside. Hahahaha ! I remained quiet most of the time as they talk about this top, that shorts, this phone, that iPod..... I stayed silent but its slowly killing me. Hahaha !

    Then we decided to stop torturing ourselves & headed for the foodcourt to grab some grub. I had Fettucini & garlic bread plus Coke (oh no, bad.) ! Yum ! Then headed for TimeZone for some fun-with-a-little-inside-joke =))

    Then some of our Irregular blockmates told us to head down to TriNoma & bond with them. Ais & Shannen was supposed to go with me to TriNoma then we saw Carla's kuya in Fullybooked.. Yay ! Carla asked for money then we convinced Meryll to head to TriNoma. Practically strangled her just to get her there. Hahaha ! And we succeeded. \:D/

    TriNoma at 5 30pm. Headed for McDonald's ! Gian's treat ! Yay ! Bonded with Gian, Ridz, JC & Omar ! :D Roamed around & ... Well.. Went home. Ridz & Ais went to Morato to have a night out which I turned down because I had no more energy to drink booze and my feet started to act crazy. Hahaha !

    Anyway, I have plans all ironed out tomorrow. I asked Sarah to call me in the morning for her to ask my maid to perk me up. Lol. Date with Sarah girl ! ☺ Oh how I love that Korean monkey face !!!

    I have to sleep. Boo. It's about 1am here & I can't wait to see Sarah tomorrow \:D/

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