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Highstreet Fashion.

    Let me define my title first so that we would be clear about this one.. Highstreet Fashion is the opposite of Highend Fashion. Obviously, you guys would know what Highend fashion is, I assume. Eitherway, Highstreet fashion is what they call "for the masses". I guess we're clear about that, huh? :)

    So okay, I've been told that my dad will be a HongKong based musician for 2 years & I'm very excited to visit HongKong again. Probably we will be spending 2 Christmases & Summers in HongKong just to stay with my dad during the vacation. But this isn't confirmed yet so we have to wait for further announcements if my dad will be flying to HongKong or not.

    Last night, I've been thinking about HongKong already. Since I'm a little girl who loves superficial things like shopping.. I wanted to fly to HongKong then & there. I want to run to an H&M store and get all the Hello Kitty items they have plus all the cute finds I could grab. I love H&M ! High Street fashion, as it maybe considered in other parts of the world.. But I'm not after the brand or what not, some of my friends doesn't know about this brand at all, but I'm after the styles they offer. Cheap but of high quality.

    I have a cousin based in HongKong & she gives me all this H&M items. It's something I always look forward to. She gives me lotion, colognes, clothes, caps & bags. And because she knows I love Hello Kitty so darn much, she gives me Hello Kitty items from the said store.

    Now since I heard about the HongKong thing about my dad, I googled H&M's site to check out a few clothes that I could atleast look forward to when I step into the land of HongKong. But then, I found something else..


    Oh no please. :| I've had enough of the Forever21 hype in Manila. It's okay that they have it here in Manila, but I cannot stand the fact that everyone will have the same clothes as you have. Ofcourse, it's an international brand.. People would start an H&M hype.. Long lines, Crazy people.. The list is endless.

    Honestly, some people in the Philippines are huge fans of branded stuff because they intend to show off. I've had this experience in Zara.. While my mom is scouting for a formal pencil skirt & a couple of corporate attire tops as I drool over some shoes. I came across a group of girls.. One girl is showing off her credit cards to her friends as she picks out from Zara's basic racks. Yes, she was just buying basics. Like a tank or a plain shirt.. Whatever you call it. In the first place, you can find cheaper tanks at the department store. Or even a plain shirt. It doesn't have to be Zara =)) And man, they're just basics. Why do you need a credit card for?! A zara tank would just cost you about 500-800 php.. It doesn't cost 5000 php that you would need help from your credit card :-j What am I saying here, If you can't afford it & you can find alternatives.. GO FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Ano yon? Para lang masabing Zara yung plain white shirt mo gagamit ka ng credit card o uubusin mo ipon mo? (What is that? Just to show off that your plain white shirt is Zara you will use a credit card or use all of your savings?) I know I shouldn't be meddling with the lives of people but it's kind of weird to know that people are like that :| If you can't afford it, look for something else. Not spend all the money you have just to say you have this brand or that brand. Just my 2 cents.

    Just so you know, Zara, Topshop, Mango & etc. is just HighEnd fashion in the Philippines. But if you visit the other countries, your clothes is just HighStreet Fashion :-j So you don't have to show off. 8-| Lol. Just saying.. Just saying...

    Okay, I'm out. Hahaha ! I'm done ranting @-)
    ... Support brandless. HAHAHAHA \:D/

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