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My first few months of college.

    College is very demanding. It demands a huge portion of your time until you realized that you have none left for yourself. Things aren't easy for me, the fact that I'm used to procrastinate and I wasn't able to train myself with time management. I thought college is a breeze, needless to say, easier. Since you get to choose which area to specialize on and you can choose an area where in you know you'll do good in. Same perceptions, anyone? Well, we're wrong.

    Since I'm majoring in Communication Arts, we are studying introduction to communications. Yes, I thought it was a breeze until I failed 2 quizzes. One quiz, I failed because I wasn't able to come on time. Some consideration, huh? No. My professor didn't give me the chance. And the other, well.. I failed the quiz because I wasn't able to label my notes properly.

    Everyone knows I despise all things Mathematical. I can't do Math. I hate Math ! Math won't save my life... But I have a subject to bear with. And that is Economics. Business Math. And I'm failing it. Yes sir-ree ! I'm failing it. I have such a low class standing for this subject alone. Passed 2 quizzes, failed the last one and failed the preliminary test by one point. Nice job.

    Either way, I can say that I'm starting to cope up with my college life. I'm starting to get a hang of reading massive pages of readings. I am starting to love papers. As a high school student before, I always throw papers away.. But now I file everything in one clear book so I wouldn't misplace any hand outs given. I am starting to know how to pay for my own papers with my own allowance, considering I get a higher allowance than others. I am starting to control myself from spending too much.

    You see, College isn't just about the freedom and all that. You get to learn life lessons and to be "Street Smart", as people will call it. I learned how to go home alone at night without whining at my mom/ dad to fetch me because it's dark and scary. I learned how to be responsible with everything I do because things aren't spoon fed anymore like high school. You have to know your way around all by yourself. College would teach you to be independent. Unlike in high school, you always need a friend to accompany you around the campus because you'll be labeled as a loser if you cross the quadrangle alone. But in college, friends would just come second. You have to do things alone and run from building to building alone.

    There's so many things to share but I only have limited time. This blog post is kind of spontaneous.. I didn't think that would be able to update this today. But I'm glad I did ! :)

    Any way, I'm back and changed by the challenges and demands of college ! ♥

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