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Officially a Thomasian :)

    Hi guys! I've been preoccupied with college so I have minimal time to blog :( Huhu. Anyway, hello people!

    Yesterday was the Thomasian Freshman walk. I swear it was hot like hell during the afternoon. So I was mean enough to cut mass and have late lunch with blockmates :| I'm so sorry God :( I just can't take the heat. :|

    So yeah, here are some photos from the Parade to the late lunch :)

    The unbearable heat. My haggard face, CONGRATULATIONS :D

    Hi blockmates. =)) I have thin legs =))

    Ina Hesed and I =)) I feel so kfkfjsdkfjasd. =)) And yes, I always have accessories ;)

    Blockmates plus Ate Trish :) She's so cute!! :) I look like sdhkasjdaskj with no bangs =)) Check out Gino's face =)) He thinks Ate Trish looks like Alice in Wonderland =))

    Plaza mayor!!

    Yes I'm tired :| Hi Carla and Gino =))

    Check out my eyebags. Hahaha! =))) Hi Carla, Ces and Meryll :>:>

    MR AB Owl =)))

    I feel so bad for cutting mass :| But it was hot and I wanted food. See, I'm drinking Gatorade to replenish my strength :|=))

    My super pacute face. HAHAHA =))

    After lunch =))

    Crediting everything to Gia Palamos :) Thanks Gia ^:)^ So yeah, we were supposed to attend this after party then it started to rain hard and I got wet :| WELCOME TO UST. Hahaha! Atleast I know what to expect. And I should bring slippers everyday :( Lol.

    Anyway, Happy Manila Day people :> No classes for me so I'm trying to relax as much as possible :> I'm playing MoshiMonsters again! Lol. I love the cute sounds the little monsters make :D

    Waiting for my mom to come home, I asked her to buy me Cinnamon Swirls from Starbucks ;D I'm hella hungry and I'm near to finishing up the whole 1 liter bottle of Minute Maid D: Yes, I'm trying to be healthy when I'm at home. I basically have Coke for lunch in school because lack time to fall in line and order :| Deprived kid. Hahaha!

    Will try to reply to your Cbox messages now. Have a nice day people! xo

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