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Lady Gaga's Alejandro

    fuckyeahladygaga:  via aaronpresley

    Okay, since I have nothing to blog for today because basically, yesterday sucked like hell :( I will just talk about Lady Gaga's video... And some ramblings.. I guess?

    I like Lady Gaga. She's really gorgeous and all.. But I must say, I REGRET WATCHING THE ALEJANDRO MUSIC VIDEO. Like, it was too Anti-Christ-ish :( Like dude.. HELLO.. Why would you let guys touch you everywhere with a rosary beside you? :| Why wear a nun's dress in red with a cross upside down :( AND LASTLY, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EAT A ROSARY? :|

    I will not recommend kids to watch it, or even the highly religious. It's bizarre to the highest extent.. :| So, I'll stick to Katy Perry. Let the fruits prevail! Hahaha! =)))

    Anyways, I had the sweetest Formspring submissions last night! :D Hahaha! I love you people :-j It made my day, seriously. After waiting for him to go online last night, but he didn't because he had a deep slumber for 12 hours @-) Hahaha! But you guys kept me entertained until I got the nerve to leave the computer :)

    I slept at 5:30am last night and got up at exactly 11:11am :-j I'm not planning to take a nap so I will be able to sleep early tonight. Bahahahahaha. It's payback time, he made me wait.. Then I'll make him wait this time >:) Hahaha! Kidding >:D<

    So uhm.. Hahaha! That's about it. :) Oh, I'm going to wear civilian clothes on my first day :( And since I'm a MANGO babe forever (I love their tanks so much! I am close to getting every color possible.. Hahaha!!) I'm going to wear a tank top with a black cardigan :D Yay, I love MNG ♥ And chucks. :-j So people from UST that lurks around in my blog.. Introduce yourself. Hahaha! Feeling =)) Kidding :D

    Have a nice rainy day, people :D

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