Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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    I have a new layout but I haven`t updated yet for quite sometime. I`m sorry friends! :( I`ve been very busy lately but I still find time for updating.. a bit =P So atleast today I have squeezed time for update :-bd Yehey! :> Hoho. :) I just hope I get attention with this. @-) Hahaha. Attention seeker much :P

    NCAE a while ago. I finished an hour and 30 minutes before the time. :-bd I slept for 45 minutes until Mico waked me up just to tell me that I have to write my name on the scratch paper too. 8-| After which, I tried to sleep again but I can`t anymore :(

    I`m so happy about my phone right now. I`m starting to appreciate my Motorola V8 because of the free internet :-bd Hahaha! =)) Really nice :> I`ve been online 24/7 because of it @-) Hyper much :> I just have no life. :|=)) But any, people following me on Twitter is updated on what`s up with me :D Actually, I update every little thing I do everyday so you should follow me to be update or if you just wanna chat :) Though, I don`t let strangers follow me so if you would like not to be rejected, leave a message on my chatbox with your Twitter ID :>

    Candy fair! Drawing near now :) September 26 on Mega Tent :D :-bd Let me know if you`re coming so we could like, meet up :) Aryt? :D Ofcourse I`m there to support my Bestfriend :D Hahaha! =)) And my tall man :">

    Sorry I`m being to random. I don`t have a specific topic. :) I want to share a loooooot of things that`s been happening to me lately 8-> For sure tomorrow I`ll blabber about our dance test tomorrow for MAD :( OH MY GOLLY GOLLY GOSH. :| I`m actually very very very anxious about it. :| GAHH. :|

    That`s about it :> Kaaaye bye :-h

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