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Serious blogging.

    I had to post another blog post. :) I think that it wouldn`t be appropriate to conjoin it with the one I posted earlier. So.. I`m going to speak out. This blog post should be serious, But that would be too boring so I would let the words come out naturally. :)

    First, The Con-Ass issue here in the Philippines. Who agrees with this one, doesn`t care about anyone. =P The fact of the matter is that the administration have to change ASAP. The Arroyo administration isn`t working out well for the Filipino people. I think that she doesn`t care about anyone, but herself. Aye? She wants to extend her term. Even everyone doesn`t want her to do so. If I am Mrs. Arroyo, I would not continue this Con-Ass thing. If the Filipino people doesn`t want this thing to happen, Then the President SHOULD follow. I believe that Presidents should be there to listen to the people inside their juris diction and probably to have arrangements and/or compromise with the Filipino people. Where in now, I can see that the people and the President aren`t agreeing on one thing. If so, Mrs.Arroyo shouldn`t push through this plan.

    Second, A(H1N1) case. This is very very very scary. :| I`m quite scared about this. Especially about the case at La Salle. Considering I have a lot of friends there and I`m a bit cautious. =)) Peace friends :D I love you and all.

    Last, The Hayden Kho scandals. I`m young and aware. =P To start off, I don`t think that this thing shouldn`t be talked about for too long. Kids get sexual education from the wrong source. There are a lot of scandals present but why is this one being talked about for weeks and weeks? I actually know why. The people who are surronding the people involved are making the matter worse. They can`t control their mouths. :| Irritating.

    Okay I do this seldomly. =P I think people don`t care what I think. But hey, you`re in my site so you better deal with it. :) Thankyou for wasting your time reading on though. :D I appreciate your time. :> So top it all off, comment up. :D Yaay! =))

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