Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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New Keyboard, back to business.

    I haven`t been on for quite sometime now. My keyboard broke down and I use Onscreen keyboard for like, 2 weeks or so and it`s pretty sad and hard to use so I was not in the mood to do some blogging. :) Sorry about that.

    So anyways, I feel so weak lately. Baaah. :| I have no idea why and I usually stare no where and like, don`t care about what`s happening. :| I`m quite confused. Though, let`s leave it that. I`ll just try to figure out what I have in mind or what my problem is. Phew. ^:)^

    I went to Zambales last week, before school started. :> FINALLY! Sand on my toes. Though, I didn`t swim because I wasn`t in the mood to do so. :> But I love the sandy feeling that is between my toes.. Ahh the life. :D

    School started last Monday. I don`t really like my section although it will do. :| But I miss Mapamaraan so much that whenever I see my old classmates, I would shout their name and rush to hug them. Weird? Yes, I know. :| Especially my girlfriends. :( They`re the best I swear! Though we do a little bit of bonding but it isn`t enough to remain the closeness. :( It`s quite hard but I wish that we would still remain as close as before. >:D< I love you girls. :D

    I can`t wait for tomorrow! Yay! I`ll be bonding with my Mapamaraan bestfriends Jumera and Abi. :) It`s Abi`s birthday today and we`ll pig out tomorrow. Yay! :D

    I went to lunch with Abi a while ago and I miss her so much! Especially when we do the imitation of Conyo people. :)) Abi is the person where you can share a lot of things to. She`s all about them boys and them jokes that are corny but will make you laugh so hard. It was just so sad that Jumera wasn`t able to join us for lunch. If she did, that would absolutely we a laugh trip moment for us. Jumera is the one who has a weird and like, uhhh.. laugh. :)) It`s actually funny and you can hear it even if you`re super duper far. :)) And tomorrow, we`ll be all together. :* Yahoo! \:D/

    I`m quite happy about LA Lakers winning. :) Yay! \:D/ Superb. I love Kobe. :D I love basketball. And I love the color purple. =))))))) Hahaha! :D

    I joined Candy Blog Awards for the nth time. :)) Hahaha! :D :-bd

    UGH! I`m cramming again! UP forms should be passed on the 23rd and I, still.. MY FORM IS BLANK! :| I should do this like now. :(

    College is drawing near. Oh lord please not now. :(

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