Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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Hey peeps. You are very welcome to look around if you like, but please don't take anything without my permission. Strictly no spammers and rippers here! Enjoy your stay while looking around! :D

Do you still see me reach for you? :-)

    Ahoy friends! :-) I haven`t been updating my blog for quite sometime now. :-D So I`ll start off. :> 

    I`ve been wanting to update it since last week. Although I always end up getting lazy to do so. :-) Aww. Sorry. I know, I haven`t replied on your messages on my shout out box but I`ll do so after this one, okay? :-)

    I`ve been feeling a little sentimental lately. Maybe because of the weather. ;-) It`s kind of gloomy now a days. So I`m always upstairs in my room playing D`sound songs. :-) Aren`t they amazing? :> Especially "I remember these moments". :-D Although I`m having a hard time looking for the MP3 version on Limewire (Stupid Torrents. Hah! Kidding.)

    Speaking of the weather.. Rainy days makes me wanna eat cup noodles. Like now, I`m munching on Beef noodles infront of my computer. :-) I hope my mom wouldn`t know about this. =)) They`re out on Bonifacio HighStreet tonight. ;> As for me, I stayed here to unwind and catch some Z`s that I missed for this past few days. (Yeah, I`ve been sleeping at 3am and would wake up at 9pm. 6 hours isn`t enough! Hahaha!) At night, I would wear a jacket and cover myself up in a very very thick blanket. :-P Considering I don`t use the air conditioning system anymore. :-P

    I`m now listening to some BabyFace songs. :> Reason for Breathing. :)) Hahaha! No, I`m not heart broken. Please! Hahaha! :-) I just find this a perfect time for songs like these. :')

    My dad will be flying to Boracay tomorrow. :-| I`ll stay here though. :-) Why? Nothing. Hahaha! :-D My mom will be staying here in Manila so, I`ll stay here as well. :-)

    Okay. I`ll cut this one. I`ll ask you all something. :-| Have you ever hated a person so much that you wanted him/her to die? Well, I do! :-| Okay, she`s nice to me and all. But I think it`s fake. :-| She`s a loser, social climber and the list goes on. :-P No no, I`m not being plastic. I think she knows it very well that I ain`t feeling her anymore. :-P Although, She`s trying too hard to win back my trust and all. Too late, loser. It`s over! Over for you! I just pity you that`s why I`m trying to be your friend. L-) You`ve been the person who wrecked everything for me! Us! Maybe you should find your place with your co-losers. :)) Hahaha! =)) I`ll keep this short. :-P =)) And I`ll chill soo.. Toodles! =)) Fly off to the country of fakers. :)) Byeee. :-h

    Okay I`m mean. :-P But yeah, She sucks bigtime! :-P :)) Hahahaha! :> 

    Rainy days, don`t come yet please? I haven`t been to the beach yeeet! =)))

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