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18 years young, Filipina.
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Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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After a lot of daaaays. :|

    Finally I was able to blog again. :-) I only have 2-3 hours of computer a day for the past few days and I have to do a lot of important things than to blog. Well since today, I`m back.. I`m gonna blog out. :>

    For the past few days, I was on High mode. :D Hahaha! =)) I`ve been so hyper that I`m forcing people to say that I`m hott. @-) Hahaha. Maybe I`ve been missing the night life so much. :-( I haven`t been out for quite sometime now. :-/ My nightlife buddies left me alone here in the Philippines. :)) They all went to other countries. Most of them are still on vacay until the last minute. Urgh.

    Speaking of this vacay, though I`m having a blast during Tuesdays and Thursdays because of my workshop.. I still haven`t been to the beach. I want sand between my toes! :-(

    Summer workshop will end in a few days time. 28th to be exact. :-( And I`m pretty bummed about it. :(( Oh well. I might be posting videos, photos of our last performance. :-( Most likely, I`ll be going back to Trumpets next year. Hurray! >:D<

    Enrollment, UGH! :-( I can`t seem to find my old card and my mom has to pass a Affidavit of loss to replace the missing card. :-| Actually, It`s a piece of paper. I find it very very prone to loss because it doesn`t look like a report card. I swear. It looks like a shopping list with numerous of digits. :-P So I won`t be enrolling until next week. This is rather sad. I`m pretty excited to get my ID photo taken, Buying a Cadet shirt and a new PE shirt. :-( Oh well..

    My birthday was 3 months ago and yet, no birthday gift from my parents. Why? I`ve been eye-ing on numerous of things. Like, Today I wanted Skullcandy headphones. Then tomorrow I`d settle for DC Shoes. The next day, I wanted a pair of Limited Edition Adidas kicks... And So on. :-| My parents are pretty confused on what I really wanted. Well, Me as well! @-) Why can`t they just buy me everything. Sigh. Hahaha! Kidding. Though I really wanted to attend the Havaianas event on Rockwell. I wanted to get my mom a pair of personalized havs. Although, I have to sacrifice. :-| I will buy a pair, but for my mom, not for me. Arrggh. :-(

    Okay since I`ve been very bored lately, I have started off with my Candy Council of Cool essay. I hope I pass! :D That would be really cool. That too, would be my stepping stone for the world of Multimedia and writing. :> I am quite excited and worried about the results. :-S Wish me luck then. :>

    In a few days time, It would be my blog`s anniversary. 2nd anniversary. Oh god, I didn`t know that I`ve been aspiring to write and updating everyone with what`s going on with me and my random life. Cool. B-) Thank you for all the support and keeping my blog alive when I`m not available or in Hiatus. :D I love you all guys. Although, I should stop this cheesy-ness. I`ll just post a anniversary message to everyone on the 30th, okay? :D

    I`ll be arranging my links after this post. I`m so sorry if I wasn`t able to do it last time. Safari was driving me nuts. :-|

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