Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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    Okay. For the title, I just played with the keyboard. =)) Hahahahaha. :D I`m still sleepy. :P Maybe for sleeping a bit too late last night. :P I was having a hard time last night because a lot of things are currently bugging me. :|

    I was thinking about what happened last night. (Which I think that should not think about anymore, @&^%&$%$! Hahahaha. Playing with the keyboard again.) Anyways, It was the first time! And it was very scaaary. @-) LOL. I sent the wrong message to my former crush! :|=)) I was about the forward his message to my friend and boom, I sent it back to him.=))))) Call me stupid but, Yeah. :-" Maybe I should be very careful next time aye? :D

    Anyways, I got it covered.. Atleast I think? :)) Hoho. :> Whatevas.

    I`m looking for a shop where I could get a good deal for an iPhone 2g. :> I don`t wanna have the 3g one. I dunno. :)) I don`t wanna have a very good phone and end up wrecking it. Especially for me who easily get something broken for sometime. :) So I would love to settle for an iPhone 2g. :D Please, I don`t like fakes. :| Wee! ;D Maybe i`ll get that phone by August. Unless I found something better. :> Yay! =)

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