Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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The crazier, The better! =))

    Power Crumps! :))))) How fun is that? :| The heck, my legs are shaking. It`s just, SICK! But yeah, Crumps are fun! :D (Atleast now I could brag about doing good crumps and not messing up like the one I did last time. Embarassing!) So anyways, My feet is kinda shaking right now. They hurt real bad. :| My back hurts a bit too. But not as much as my back is suffering right now. :|

    I really love dancing. :>:> It just feels so good. :D Legs shaking, my knees turning red.. It`s all worth it! :D Hoho. :) I actually want to quote something from Kuya Fred. "Dancing doesn`t mean you have to be the best among the rest. Dancing is all about the fun, the lessons and the bonding you gained with your co-dancers." It was something like that. :D And the famous "In power crumping, THE CRAZIER, THE BETTER."

    I couldn`t agree more. Some of my co-dancers aren`t that close to me. But after practices, we hang out. We ride on each other`s wheels and have sharing of stories. :) One of my co-dancers and I had a gap last year because of a gossip. But now, We exchange bags and stuffs like that. :D At school, we don`t really talk unless we need something from each other. :| But a while ago, she took my phone and told me to take a picture of us two. She doesn`t want to delete even the ugly photos. She said that they`re keepsakes. :D :)) Unbelievable. And we got to bond because of the activity. \:D/ Cool. :D

    And my classmates and I have a greater bond now. Even the guys, they don`t show that they`re ashamed when they dance. They show off their talents. They even compete for the one who is the best dancer of them all. :D It`s really fun. And during Saturdays, we eat together and share stories. :-" There`s an unbreakable bond within us that makes us stand out among the others. :)

    I know right! Power crumping gets into my nerves. But my classmates and I show great leadership. Each one of us would help those who find it hard to do Crumping stunts. Even the NERDS and LOSERS try their best to do the "Crump". :D

    I`m an experienced dancer. I`ve been dancing my whole life and I don`t really get disappointed when I couldn`t get a step. But if I know and mastered a step, I would pull off a classmate who can`t do it and teach them over and over. =)) I know, I`m good. :x Hahaha!

    This activity taught me how to help out others and keep my cool. :] Dancing isn`t really about Bringing Home the Bacon. It`s really about the Bond, Friendship, Fun and Lessons you have learned. :>

    My legs are still shaking. But yet, Dancing is my passion. It`s all worth it. :D

    Madam Lopez is very prod of us. :D
    Let`s make her more proud by Bringing Home the Bacon.
    And If not, let`s not blame each other and think about the experience and the friendship we have gained. :*

    ILoveYouGuys! @-)

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