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16th. Uhh LALALA. =))

    October 17, 1992. A little kid was born and baptized with the name Samuel Lawrence Lopez Concepcion. As a little boy, he showed talents at an early age in which turned out to be the Tween Heartthrob we know as of today. And now, he is a 16 year old fellow who is very blessed with talents and everything a teenager could ask for.

    Enough with that drama! :)) I was so fortunate to have a ticket to his birthday concert! Not only that, I was VERY fortunate to capture his attention.

    As Sam said, "parang kailan lang I was playing with action figures and my hot wheels." Well said, he is also amazed and shocked by his achievements. More of, he can`t believe that his toys are now microphones, spotlights and cameras. Now, his playground is the stage.

    October 18 2008. A very special day for me and ofcourse for Sam. Early in the morning I woke up, Opened my wallet, took out the ticket and stared at it for a few seconds. Ran downstairs and ate my breakfast. That very day, I had a conflict with my schedule which made me very hopeless and confused. After hours of confusion, I decided to ask my parents if I could go to both events. They said NO. So I texted my friends to inform that I couldn`t watch the Skecher`s competition.

    Moving on, My family is about to drop me off to Music Museum, we went to the hospital. Unplanned, my sister had 3 blood tests which almost took us an hour and a half. Feeling terrible about it, I had to text the SCCs that I`ll be late for our 6 o`clock dinner.

    After the long wait, I found myself seated at the back car seat again. My stomach felt jumpy as my dad gave me money. I went down our car and found a starex van behind us. Not knowing that Sam is inside the said vehicle. I looked for SCCs and found Janelle and Pausam. They told me that Sam is inside the starex and he`ll go home to freshen up.

    A few walks, we met the other SCC members. We ate at Mcdonalds. I got myself a Quarter Pounder meal and wasn`t able to finish it because of excitement. We went back to the venue after having a wonderful dinner. While walking, I saw the starex again. With that, I saw tito ray unloading Sam`s clothes for the show. From a far, I peeked inside and I saw Sam. It made me scream "Uyyy si Sam!" which made the other SCCs peek from a far too. Though the glass is tinted. I think he saw us though. It made him hide a bit. He was wearing a hoodie, according to Ate Madz. :))

    After seeing him, we went back to Music Museum. Played games with some of the SCCs such as "What would you bring","the name of the game is the first sound" and Ate Bea`s creepy trick which we weren`t able to continue.

    Inside, I was seated alone. But then, Janelle and I transferred to the front seats beside Ate Claye and Ate Pausam. We were so afraid that we might get caught so we kept on looking back. =))

    The show started and we enjoyed the front acts. After the front acts, there was a presentation of Sam as a baby, to a kid, then to what he is now. It made him laugh because the snaps looked very silly. Then he started singing and being so makulit. He was so hyper! :)

    He started to discuss about ideal guys, crushes and what-so-ever. He started to walk and to interview people. I was the first one! :))

    Sam: How old are you?
    Me: Uhh.. Fourteen.
    Sam: What do you like in a guy?
    Me:Mabait and Marunong sumayaw.
    Sam: Mabait ba ako eh inaway ko nga si Inaki kanina.

    What?! Hahaha. As If I was talking about him! Kidding. Yeah, Inaki and Sam had a mocking scene. :] T`was very funny though I wasn`t able to capture it on video.

    There`s this part where in Keven and Red entered the scene. Sam said thet they`re his "alalays" when he was still little. They are asking Sam to give the, an iPhone and a Macbook each! Hahaha. Sam laughed and said "Ako nga wala nun eh" T`was something like that. They`re called the Concepcion Brothers daw. They sang "When you look me in the eyes" and Sam did a great job at the intro then said "Joke lang". Hahaha.

    Then it was Cheska`s floor. She got Kuya Kevin
    and Kuya Noryhel off their seats and invited them to dance with her on stage. Kuya Noryhel kept on taking pictures on stage! Super laughtrip! And it made Cheska to say in a pa"joke" way. "Ano ba yan picture ng picture!"

    Then HSM people`s turn. Then the cake came in after they sang. Where Sam`s face literally swam in! Hahahaha. After a few, he sang a Justin Timberlake song. He made me stand up. Then when I was about to, I fell. Hahaha. Sam made quite a chuckle that it made me blush. :| Then when he was singing So sick, he was looking at me while singing the first verse! :) Kilig much? Then he did some singing. :)

    Oh. I had my picture with Mikee Lee. :)

    Oh. I had my picture with Mikee Lee. :)

    I was home at 11:45pm. Stayed inside my room until 3am. We went to Edsa at 3 to drop my dad off. I was home by around 4:30. Then at 5am, I went to Ate Jenny`s place to continue my bonding with the SCCs. My, there were a lot of them there! But most of them are asleep already. Until a few minutes, all of them, are asleep! Proves me to be a real SCC vampire. :) At around 6-7am, they started waking up. We had breakfast. Pansit cooked by Ate Jenny. :) Yummy! Then after that I bonded with Shar, Ate Jenny, Janelle, Marz and Aliah. We laughed hard as if there`s no tomorrow and joked about ramdom stuff. We were also persuading Lolo Dave to tell us where Betty La Fea shoot! After a while it was time to leave. It seems like leaving isn`t a part of our plan. But we have to.

    The day ended well. As though it was just a dream. Seriously! When I got home, I felt like I`m in a dream. If it was, I would not like to wake up! Hahaha. Meeting a lot of SCCs isn`t what I was expecting. And Sam moment, even more, wasn`t expected. Truly, SCC is not just having privelages that the other Samsters don`t have. SCC is truly a family. I found comfort and home when I`m with SCCs (Naks.) I will never regret my membership with this FAMILY. :) And ofcourse, supporting Sam shouldn`t be regreted as well. :)

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