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    "OMG OMG! What should I do naa!!" I said with teary eyes and scared facial expression..

    September 25, 2008.. Chemistry test was announced. I'm having bad grades in my Chemistry quizzes. Which, mostlikely, makes me super depressed.. "Nako, I swear magaaral ako!" While putting my Chem notebook inside my monkey bag (actually it isn't mine. hahaha.). Over joyed, I started studying at home. I felt so happy knowing that I could understand the lesson. It's really cool. I was thinking that I would DEFINATELY pass the quiz this time.

    Today, September 26 came. Chemistry is after lunch so no big deal. I would study again at Lunch. :] After having a snack for lunch, I went up our classroom. Seeing my classmates frantically roaming around the classroom with their Periodic Table in their hands. While some, quietly sat down outside, in the corridor, to study for the said quiz. I came up to my classmates Abi and PJ. We kept on laughing and laughing as the others panic about the quiz. Therese entered in the scene, holding her Periodic Table. Pj offered her lessons but Therese jokely refused and said "Sus! Pag ikaw nagtuturo parati nalang ako nalilito!"

    PJ: Edi wag!
    Me: Isda (Therese) Borrow nga periodic table sandali.
    Therese: *Sat down then hands me over her periodic talbe*
    Me: Ui Pj, paturo lang for a while.
    Pj: Cge cge, tanungin niyo ko kung ano yung Quantum Number then sasagot ko ng Element.
    Therese:*Starts asking questions. Pj gives the correct answers as fast as 10 seconds!* Wow galiing! Patuuro!
    Me: Ui ako rin!
    Pj:*Starts to teach us*
    Me: Wait wait! May I see!
    Therese: Wait lang! Kuha ka na lang nung periodic mo.
    Me:*I went inside to get my periodic table then came out again*
    Cesca: *Steps into the scene and listens to us*
    Pj: O dali tanungin niyo ulit ako.
    Me: Nako tama na. Oo na magaling ka na!
    Therese: Oo nga! Oo nga!
    Cesca: *Asked Pj questions and as usual, he gets the correct answers at superhuman speed* Hala! Ang galing! Ang daya!
    Me: Ang galing galing! Hahahaha.

    Quiz time came, I ANSWERED THE WRONG SET!

    My heart broke like mad. I wanted to cry. Though, I have this chance to pass.. Through cheating. I thought about changing my set number to 2 instead of 1. But I would NEVER do such thing. Some did that, but I didn't. :| So, most likely I stood up with my classmate Engkay and told the teacher about what happened he told us that we get 0. Okay, so it was a heart breaker. Though, It felt great. Not feeling the tension of guilt felt really good. I stood up my chair, putting back my stuff in the locker while smiling. No, not smiling, I was grinning. They asked me why I feel so happy. Well, I feel happy that inspite of that tension about the quiz, I feel like getting more blessings by being honest and all that. Promise to do real good on the next one. ;)

    chichi. <3

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