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End of Stress. Welcome the Embarrassment. :D

    Goodbye examination stress and hello embarrassment. :|

    Exams went well this year. I fixed my study habits. :) It felt great. Mathematics isn't half bad. :) Yiee. Chemistry test was good. Though, we are the only section who is not allowed to use calculators since our Chemistry teacher is a tinsy tiny bit mad at my guy classmates. I don't know. Haha. So bye-bye 6 points. But what the heck. It wasn't that bad. :D Oh, I changed my blog layout. I dunno. I just feel like it. I'm tired of my oh-so-colorful blog layouts. Hahaha! :) Let's try being simple, shall we? Great then. :)

    So anyways, as I was saying. Stress is finally done. Second quarter! Oh yay. :) Though, I hope I could do better in Geom. Or else. Huhu. :(

    Embarrassment. Oh dear. :( We have to perform for our Quarterly Activity Day.

    Well, If you don't know. Our school have this activity day called QAD. It is held after exams. Straight teaching. No classes. Just goofing around. :)

    So, We we're chosen to dance for the said event. I tell you, there are only 6 of us. We'll dance in front of all highschool students. :o (You don't care much because I didn't tell you yet how many students are in there. We have about 7-8 sections per year. Go figure. Total embarrassent! Ack.) I dunno if all. But heck, Scaary! :))

    I'm used to dance in front of a lot people. But not when we are only 6 people. Waa. :( Scaary. Stage fright. Hahaha. =))

    I'm currently listening to Bottle it Up by Sarah Bareilles. Super cuute and gorgeous song. Yay. :D

    I love the weekend. We don't have classes tommorow, then saturday and sunday. Add up Monday and Tuesday. 5 days of rest. :D Then the embarrassment would occur. Shoot! :|

    A while ago, we we're about to perform infront of our club moderator. But then, she told us to perform on Wednesday, first thing in the morning. After that, We went out. Me, Toffy, Ria and Tin to meet Kea, Ria's girlfriend. Okay you get it right? Hahaha. =)) Then Kea was mad already when we came out. We made her made so loong. :| Scaary. Then Toffy explained to her then everything was back to normal. Better than that, She treated us pizza at Yellow Cab near ABS. Cool! Hahahaha. We we're so bloated. ;)

    Thank you Kea and Ria. :) :]

    Aftert that, went to SM north to buy a pig for gen. :D Yay. :> Though I already have a gift for her. I wont spill! Yay. :)

    I'll talk again about this little kid Pearl. You know, the kid that I effin' hate. Acks. I was so stressed last night from studying. I slept at around 11pm and woke up at 4:30am. I was thinking I could have my beauty sleep at my service. So anyways, I had my sleep. It was great. But not for long.. Manong driver woke me up to move for this little kid Pearl because her mother said so. What the?! She ain't the boss of me. But I have no choice but to move and give a seat for her Little Oh-So-Irritating daughter Pearl. To make matters worse, I can't go back to sleep anymore! Suckish. I was so irritated that I kept on blabbering and making a fuss about it in front of Pearl. Though she can't understand me for sure, She knows that I'm mad at her.

    6:30am. School.
    We stayed inside the vehicle for us to fix and tidy up ourselves. I was still making a fuss about it. Then I saw our operator near our service. I asked Chrissia (My schoolmate) to call for him. Then she did. After a few seconds He opened the window..

    Operator: Oh bakit anong problema niyo?
    Karla: Nakakainis kasi kuya si Pearl eh!
    Me: Oonga! Manong woke me up pa just to move for her. Ano siya prinsesa?!
    Operator: Sinong Pearl?
    Lucille: Yung small kid na mahaba yung hair.
    Chrissa: Yung maingay yung nanay.

    Then Manong driver drew nearer

    Manong: O ano nirereklamo niyo?
    Me: Kuya! Why did you wake me up for that kid! Alam mo bang puyat ako tapos sisirain niyo yung tulog ko?!
    Operator: Kayo naman. Hahaha.
    Karla: Nakakainis kasi eh.
    Lucille: Oonga parepareho lang tayong nagbabayad. Mas matagal na kami dito sakanya. First come first serve dito noh!
    Me: Who is she anyway for manong to wake me up para makaupo siya?! Hmpf..

    Then our operator laughed then set off. Seriously, I pay higher than her. I am fetched at 5:10am while she, 5:45am. First come first serve basis is applied. Who does she think she is? Pweh.

    I was planning that if manong driver wakes me up next week, I wouldn't move. Even if he push me around. I totally wouldn't! :p I swear. Pearl stinks! >:P

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