Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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And this is why.. :]

    I am giving you the right to laugh in my tiny tale that I will share today. :] I feel so sick. I feel so tired today. I feel like sipping on some soup right this instant. :|

    I have 2 Ateneo banners a while ago. I got them from last sunday's UAAP game. Then we crossed paths with this, Ateneo service. We we're really excited to see hot guys (Ateneo is known for their best guy breeds. Rich, Smart and Hot. Lol) So we waved our Ateneo banners and shouted random stuff. And this stupid friend of mine.. Accidentally let go of one of my banners! :|:(( I asked our driver to stop the vehicle. Stupid thing, I ran down and rushed out. It was raining hard. Bad chance, The banner was GONE. I ran back the vehicle slowly. Sadness. Hahaha. I felt so stupid to risk my health for an Ateneo banner. Hahaha. =)) It was really funny. :))

    Enough yaddah yaddahs. :]

    I have this feeling of shy-ness within me right now. Last friday (First friday mass) I had this unforgettable incident. No, INCIDENTS. Okay, After mass. I met up with my friend, Toffy. We went to the canteen to grab some food and for us to meet our other friends. While walking, we crossed paths with this certain 'guy' who is labeled as Total Hottie in our campus. :| My friend knew that I like him. Uhmm, not really. But i like him because he's extremely hot and cute. No further reasons. I'm most certainly not inlove with him. Not even crushing. He's just handsome. And this friend of mine played cupid. He pushed me in front of 'him' and I almost held his hand for support. I can't even look at him. I was really ashamed. After a few steps, I hit my friend real loud and I uttered "What the hell did you do?!" He just laughed and said nothing.

    Second incident. Afternoon, second floor. I was seated near the music room, near the CR. I was chitchatting with this friend of mine. Then, Ria, my other friend suddenly uttered "Ica, May dadaan. You'll like it" I looked in this little room that connects the two highschool buildings. Then I saw 'him' again. I turned my back. I can feel my cheeks turning red. I think he saw me! I t was really a Whatever moment.

    Last and most humiliating part of the day. I was feeling so sleepy and down. I can't think straight and I walk like I drank 10 gallons of beer. Our Chemistry teacher asked us to go out , form our line and go to the chemistry laboratory. As I said. I look so stupid. My hair was a huge mess. I mean MESS. I was walking like a man who is drunk. :] Then my classmate, Tin, keeps on pointing at my back using her eyes and eyebrows. I didn't mind much until she pulled me and whispered to me "Ano ka ba andyan si *tooot sa likod mo!" I looked back then I saw him passing by my back. I was like "OMG!" Ack whatever.

    I know, I don't have a chance of making him talk to me. Psh. But I am not being a dreamer or a person who is feeling, but I caught him a lot of times looking at my direction. I have this vibration that he is conscious of me staring at him. So, If he'd look at me for a long time, I wouldn't stare at him that much. Hahaha. I'm sure. That's why. I dunno. I don't think there are other reasons for him to look my way right? :)

    So, Last firday, I was at Katipunan. :] From 6pm to 4am. Whoah? :) It was Kuya Sheldon's birthday. (My cousin's condominium-mate.) The condo was a bit big so there were about 50+ people inside the place. I stayed at the balcony the whole time, drinking my Cali ice. Staring at the stars and the busy city. Annika, Brylan, Joseph, Meia, Kelsi, Daniel (The guy who looks like Rain. :">), Murriel, Chase and Kresh. It was pretty fun hanging out with them. We shared OMG moments and all. Hahaha. =)) I miss that day. :p

    Oh, I gotta share. We will dance for our QAD. Oh my. Hahaha. That's really great yet it makes me really nervous. Hahaha. :> Chill chill chill. We, yet, don't have our dance audition piece for Sketcher's. It would be real fun if we could pass. :D That would be just greaat! ;)

    As of now, I'm burning a lot of Chinese songs for our Peking Opera for Music. :| I should be sleeping right now. Ack ack. I guess I should go back to work.

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