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Fridaay. :x

    Dang how I love fridays. :) Time to relax. Time to do silly stuff. And time for me, to seach for a nice phone. ;D I really need to buy a new cellphone. Naat motorola. :p I would prefer Nokia. ;) Okay, search search search. I found two good phones tho. 3110 and 5300. I dunno which one to choose so you guys better tell me what should I get.. Mm'kay? I need advice.

    A while ago. I was busy playing with Super Mario (lol. old school. ;D) The telephone rang. I didn't answer it yet, I just kept on playing. After a few rings.. I answered it with a irritated voice. I got distracted and Mario died at level 4-1. How suckish!

    Me: Hello?!
    Human being on the phone: Chy? Is that you?
    Me: Oo. Sino ka naman?
    Human being on the phone: Dude si Bry toh!
    Me: Bry? O? Why? May problem ka?
    Brylan: Uhhmm.. Tsk.. Wala naman. Just checking if you're still alive.
    Me: Ano ka ba! Napakawalang hiya mo talaga!
    Brylan: O bakit?! Ako na nga nagbakasakali ako pa yung walang hiya.
    Me: Eh! I was playing Mario. Nadead ako because of your call. Nako!
    Brylan: Ay sorry naman. Sorry sorry. Tsk. Di ka kasi nagtetext. Wala lang. Medyo naano lang ako.. Uhm.. Basta!
    Me: Jusko. I thought you need something from me.
    Brylan: Wala naman. Tsk. So, baba ko na. Bbye.
    Me: K. Bye.

    It was effin' touching for my guy bestfriend to call me up and check if I was okay. He's really the nice-est. Lol. I dunno. He's like my daddy-yo. Hihi. Except for the fact that I'm older than him a bit. Sheesh. I know he'll be reading this sooner or later. Hahaha. (Ola there Bry. ;D) Lol. Naah, I just remembered his call then just posted it. Lol. For purposes like remembering the past memories.

    Anyways, about the kid.. This friday is effin' good. She was seated at the front part of the freakin' van. I brought my ipod along too just incase she rings that stupid bell of her's again. Sheesh. No bells for today (Thank goodness.) But, her mom was still a bl
    abber mouth though. And that's better than yesterday. I must say, kids these days becomes hella losers. :p Ack. Seriously! Before, kids in the pre-school years are like angels in everyone's eyes. They're cute tiny people who are beginning to learn life's greatest challenges. And now, mheen they're hella losers. I can see a big L written on their tiny foreheads. Blaah. So much for that kid. Monday is another day. Well, wish me the best of luck. I hope I don't get too irritated. I get out of control, really. I might kick the kid's shin or something. Most likely, I wouldn't do that. But if she crosses the line, well. I might report her to our bus operator. (Who is really kind. He doesn't even mind if we stay inside the van for hours just fixing our hair and putting on make up. ) I hope he would understand this freakin' situation.

    Anyway, I discovered something cool near my place. There's a factory outlet of Lee pipes. Shopping galore tomorrow with my momma. :D

    I feel so flushed. I better close my eyes for now.

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