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Dos Momentums.

    Meeting Sam is one of my biggest dreams..

    Sam, sam, Sam Concepcion? The one who sang Even If, yeah, that Sam. :>

    It was the first time I met him, just yesterday.

    It was soo cool meeting him. He was a really relaxed and funny guy.

    Since I'm a Samster, It's one big achievement to meet him. The moment was superb! It was priceless. The best part is, I had the chance to talk to him.. FACE TO FACE.

    Meeting Sam is the best part. But meeting my Co-Samsters was even better. :D

    I went to TriNoma at around 2:40 something in the afternoon. I looked for IA at Landmark. It was easy finding her actually. Because she's the one who approached me. Ha-ha! So she introduced me to her mom and her grandma.

    After that, we started to stroll. We had a really good conversation. :D

    At the TriNoma park.. Ia kept on talking and talking but then I saw Sam. I was like "Si Sam! Si Sam!" Then she said, "Asan?!" I pointed a guy passing by. Haha! Then we followed him. But we didn't continue to "stalk" him. Haha! We became shy because we saw tita Gene and Gab at our back. So we turned back. Haha!

    We went down again to look for ate Joy. When we saw her, She was holding her candy mag. Aww. I wasn't able to bring mine. :(

    Anyways, we went up to the park because the show will start in a while.

    We went inside the place so we will have seats. We found other SCCs there.

    It was effin' hot! I forgot to bring my box of tissue or my hankie. Ate Claye offered me her tissue. :D Thaanks ate Claye.

    We have to share the umbrella since it was really hot. Believe me, It was hot like hell!

    Other SCCs started to come. I don't know some of them though. Haha! :D

    The show started at around 3:40pm

    Sam sang songs and ofcourse the kungfu panda theme song. There was games and trivias. Ate Gernie won. :) HAHA! Congratulations ate Gernie.

    After that, there was a meet and greet. I didn't mind it that much since I will go to the 2nd event.

    We have to say goodbye to ate Gernie and Zhet. :(

    We went to the FX line, whatever you call that. We have to ride a FX to Ever Commonwealth. One FX for us. Yehey. :D Noise was everywhere. It was really fun. =D

    After the 30 pesos FX ride, we walked a bit. We entered Ever. There were a lot of people! We can't even find the entrance so we have to go through the backstage. (Yay!) In addition to that, we have to stand up because the seats were already full.

    Sam went out of the backstage. Fans went wild and crazy. Gaah! Very amazing voice. It was really amusing. Promise.

    After a while, I wanted to buy a repackaged album. So I went out to buy with ate Joy. Sadly, there's no more posters left. Awwww. Oh well. Atleast I have a repackaged album. Yeheey! :D

    Autograph signing came. We waited for the line to shorten. While waiting, I was observing how people will react during a autograph signing with Sam. Gaah. Some made ma laugh. I saw some, they were hugging him. Others kissed him in the cheeks and I even saw someone who kissed him near the lips! It was funny. It cause me to ponder on what will I do. Haha! I was pretty sure that I'll keep my cool and wouldn't do something stupid.

    Good thing I didn't! Haha! I came up to him and he smiled. Then I gave him my CD then he signed it. What a moment it was. I even had the strength to talk to him. (Gaah! I was shocked myself. Haha!) Though we had a short talk. : Atleast!

    I really had a great time! Promise! Not only meeting Sam, but having a whole day to spend with my co-Samsters.

    After a few minutes, we had to say goodbye to everyone.

    I am looking forward to the next events. And looking forward to meet the others that I wasn't able to meet.

    I would like to say thanks and give a lot of kudos to the Samsters that I met. And I would love to meet you guys again and again. :D

    Chichi Frederica.

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