Call me Frederica, Ica, Chichi or whatevas.
18 years young, Filipina.
A Sophomore Communication Arts student from UST.
Just a normal girl who loves going out and partying.
Stars, Purple and Hello Kitty makes her happy.
Is a dancer.
An infamous ice skater
I love to play dress up

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It's time for a change

    It's time to change my layout. HAHA! :) I find it boring already. So I have to browse to find a NEW perfect layout. Lol. It took me a lot of time to backup my stuff from my other template. Then I have to edit them as well. Ugh. I also have a new playlist. (yaay! ü) It only has a few songs (since I'm not that focused in fixing the playlist. HAHA!) I need you to suggest songs. Raar. Same genre as the songs. =] So, listen! HAHAHA! My blog looks colorful but I like it mucho. Raaar. It's like candy. HAHAHAHA!

    Asking me if i'm still sick.. Yes, I'm still sick. But.. It doesn't hurt that much unlike yesterday. I can only move my arms, hands, legs and feet! Creepy right? :/ But now, I can move my head and my body slightly. Yaaays.

    So.. Get ready Eastwood City! HAHA. :)) See you guys at Eastwood on the 11th. =D I told my mom about it already. I said she can come along if she wishes to. Just so I won't have a curfew. HAHAHA! :)) Coolness. I'm still looking for people to accompany me though. Yeesh. No ENTRANCE FEE pleease. HAHA! :| Kidding. I'm super excited to see the boys again after a year! That was a looooooooooooooooong time ago. HAHAHA! :))

    I feel really ITCHY plus I have long nails. HIHI. I have a lot of marking already. Soo hot summer. I'd love to have a vacation on the NORTH POLE. That's so cool. =) Who would treat me for a north pole trip? That would cost a lot of money. Errr..


    I still find myself scratching. =)

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